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Hydrowick's unique ability to provide effective and efficient drainage, coupled with its low cost and minimally invasive installation process, makes it the ultimate tool to enhance surface quality. Maximize playtime and minimize downtime with Hydrowick.

Within hours, you can address surface drainage issues while avoiding costly repair, downtime and maintenance.


Revolutionary Design (A Cost Effective Drainage Solution)

Hydrowick is the solution to eliminate perched and pooled water on top of playing surfaces. Address golf courses, playing fields and developments with a proven solution.

Use Hydrowick to avoid massive trenching scars and long healing/recovery times. Within hours after heavy rain, your turf will be back in playable condition for both walking and driving.

Maximize your playing season with minimal cost and ensure your turf is playable for longer periods of time with Hydrowick's ultra-absorbing capabilities. Don't let the rain stop you from playing!

Key Product Features

  • Heat treated fiberglass element with excellent wicking and capillary action when water is perched around it. This provides constant 24 hour drainage when excess moisture is present in the ground.
  • Internal stainless steel mesh that carries water away quickly without the gravity fall needed in traditional piping drainage systems. Extremely effective on golf course greens, tee decks and fairways.
  • Cost-effective and high-quality ensuring long-term results for years to come.
  • With our patented installation process we can ensure minimum downtime and a quick recovery (**5000 sq/ft green can be back in play within 24 hours)
  • Reduce Labour and Maintenance
  • Improve Aesthetics
  • Improve Turf Quality
  • No Lost Revenue
  • Maximize Playtime
  • Minimize Downtime


How Hydrowick® Works

  • Hydrowick absorbs surface moisture and allows for water to pass through its open stainless core using passive capillary action to pull water and manage where it is channeled and dispersed. 
  • With Hydrowick's unique design you can address surface moisture and ponding water with fast free flow drainage and significant flow capacity within hours of heavy rain.
  • Hydrowick addresses excess water that is unaccessible by conventional pipe systems allowing for quicker recovery time and improved turf quality.





  • Fairways
  • Greens
  • Tee Decks

Parks & Recreation

  • Athletic Fields
  • Municipal Parks

Residential Landscaping

  • Retaining Walls
  • Gardens
  • Lawns

Commercial Landscaping

  • Green Spaces
  • Playing Areas

Land Development

  • Channeling Water Between Grades


Hydrowick History

The team at Hydrowick have been working with this drainage system for over a decade perfecting the installation process and training, educating and setting up product experts for a worldwide installer network. 

With over 35 years of hands on experience in the golf/turf management industry, our team combines experience with innovation to deliver the best possible drainage solution to golf courses and playing fields internationally.

Connect with the team at Hydrowick to find an installer in your area and determine the solution to your drainage problems.

Hydrowick has been installed at premium courses world-wide!

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Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Hydrowick in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Guam and South Korea.

Updated on: 27 June 2023

Let's Get Technical

When installed underground, Hydrowick is backfilled with a sand curtain allowing for surface water to efficiently drain without typical issues found in conventional drainage systems. Never worry about sentiment impeding drainage or damaging systems.

Hydrowick maintains 18-20% moisture in the element which maintains healthy grass and minimizes surface scarring.

The 1 inch diameter element has proven to increase drainage of push-up greens by over 50% when compared to conventional drainage systems.

All surfaces can be played within 24 hours of Hydrowick being installed. This allows for courses and playing fields to be open longer and in-turn serve more guests.

The size of the pores of the Hydrowick element and its unique installation technique ensures that no ground composition/silting will impede drainage capabilities.

A Seamless Installation

The Aqua-Terra® patented sandbanding installation process ensures a quick installation, minimalizing invasiveness and reducing unsightly wear and closure needed for traditional piped drainage.

Our team provides world-wide service and works with you to provide the best solution.

Be back in play within 24 hours and never deal with surface pooling again!