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Air2G2 Machine – GT Air Inject

Air2G2 Machine – GT Air Inject

Air2G2 Machine

GT Air Inject

The Air2G2 324 is an easy to operate, self-propelled machine proudly made in the USA. The Air2G2 324 uses three probes to laterally inject pressurised air up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil to fracture the compacted layers that form as a result of foot traffic, mechanical traffic and nature’s daily wear and tear.

These laterally injected air blasts loosen up compacted soil immediately, but without any disruption to the surface of the turf or the roots below. With frequent use, the Air2G2 324 creates surfaces that are healthy, firm and ready for play immediately after treatment. Air is everything to anything that lives, and for your soil, the Air2G2 324 is a breath of fresh air.


The Air2G2 324 Helps With:

• Compaction Relief: Fractures hardpan layers without disruption to roots or playing surfaces

• Porosity Increased: Lateral air injections increase pore space, promote faster drainage and root development

• Respiration Enhanced: Forces oxygen in and pushes CO2 and other anaerobic gases out for root zone gas exchange


Long term Benefits of Air2G2 324:


• Immediately relieves soil compaction

• No downtime or turf disruption—lawns, sports fields and golf courses are ready to use right after treatment

• Easy to operate, easy to train your crew to use

• No post-application cleanup necessary!

• Instantly breaks through compacted soil, brings air to suffocating roots


Specifications & Features:

• Self-propelled aerification machine on a three-wheel platform with smooth, wide flotation tires

• Powered by a Kohler Command Pro 19 horsepower engine

• Hydrostatic drive-axle that is actuated by the steering handlebar

• Pneumatic system is powered by an Ingersoll Rand two-stage air compressor

• Three probes reach up to 12-inches deep into the soil

• Pressurized air is pushed out laterally at in a diameter of 6 to 9-feet

• Quickly improves water drainage

• Encourages deeper root growth


New Air2G2 accessory


The new Aerboard is specially designed for all models of the Air2g2.

Aerboard is a new Air2G2 accessory designed for the machine’s operator to stand on during operation, it’s available to retrofit all models and folds up for easy transport. *Designed for use during aeration and not for riding on as transport.



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Updated on: 30 October 2020

Working width
Overall dimensions of unit
205cms (l) x 150cms (w) x 130cms (h)
Working depth (probe / tine)
7” (17.5cms) or 12” (30cms) – standard tines
6” (15.25cms) or 9” (23cms) – optional tines
Weight (approx)
Fuel tank capacity
Kholer 19hp petrol engine
Ingersol Rand two stage, 75.71ltrs capacity