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CirrusPRO lets you go with the flow while keeping control. That means you can securely adjust your irrigation in real-time from the office, on the course, at home — wherever you are, on any device. Go beyond the limitations of other irrigation management systems and choose the system that lets you be fluid.


As the only manufacturer committed exclusively to irrigation, Rain Bird designs fully integrated end-to-end solutions to address both new installation and system renovation challenges. This gives you total integration of components and a full system that is easier to manage and runs more efficiently than mix-and-match systems. Plus, you get a single source for service and other benefits available only from Rain Bird.


The only TRUE Benefits™ of a Rain Bird System

Timeless Compatibility™

Every Rain Bird golf irrigation product is engineered for Timeless Compatibility, allowing you to have a state‑of‑the‑art system that can be updated or changed without your existing equipment becoming obsolete.

Real-Time Response

Rain Bird offers constant field monitoring with real‑time communication, allowing the system to optimize for maximum efficiency and control. Whether adjusting to unpredictable weather conditions, unexpected course challenges or catastrophic issues, real‑time response keeps you operating at peak levels.

Unmatched Quality

Through advanced engineering, design and testing, Rain Bird delivers  on its mission to provide industry‑leading quality to our customers. Our stringent testing procedures are implemented at the first launch of every product as well as regularly throughout the year, and they replicate the world’s harshest conditions. 

Easy To Use

All Rain Bird products are engineered with the challenges of golf professionals in mind and designed to deliver everyday ease of use. From software interfaces to rotor designs, they help you and your crew find a quicker, hassle‑free path to top playability.


No Satellite? No problem. The Rain Bird Integrated Control (IC) System is the future!

Make Your Investment Work Smarter

You can’t be everywhere at once. The Rain Bird® Integrated Control System (IC System) changed the remote irrigation game and continues to offer intelligent benefits other systems can’t match. Connect your Central Control directly to rotors and valves to streamline installations, check diagnostics and troubleshoot from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer. Make the smarter choice with IC System for powerful, precise property management.

Intelligent Communication

In an easy-to-use design, IC CONNECT™ simplifies course management. Collect crucial data from the field and centralize control of greens fans, lighting, fountains and water features.

Intuitive Connection

Your Central Control directly connects to your rotors and valves and minimizes complexities, simplifies troubleshooting, saves on labor costs and improves aesthetics by eliminating satellites and hubs from your course.

Instant Confidence

Advanced two-way communication from the field to your Central Control catches issues before they become problems and provides assurance your system is working–so you can focus on success.

Easier to Install. Simple to Maintain.

IC System eliminates the most common challenges of traditional systems. Less wire and fewer components means you have less to buy, install, maintain and troubleshoot.  

The Complications of Competitive Two-Wire Systems

More components mean more parts can fail, including hubs and satellites. These complications can lead to expensive issues when something goes wrong. In other words, satellites on the course can create extra failure points.

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Upgrading the Latest Technology On Your Satellite Course? Rain Bird has it all!

Complete Control in One Interface

Manage Rain Bird Two-Wire Satellites, LINK Satellites, IC System or any combination of all three from one interface.

An Easier Way to Upgrade

Extend the life of your current system and get the latest in irrigation technology without a complete overhaul.

Unmatched Wireless Capabilities

Get greater design flexibility without communication wires and license requirements with ICI+LINK.

Download Integrated Course Control Brochure

Hear from Rain Bird IC System Users

Whether you're making small upgrades to your golf course or planning a total renovation, you want a partner by your side before, during and after installation. Oakland Hills got just that when they switched to our IC System. Watch the video to learn more about the team's seamless transition to the Rain Bird IC System




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Updated on: 19 March 2024